Our love for peppers began when Amelia’s grandmother, Rosa DONIS, brought some seeds from El Salvador. Greg, the sauce scientist, fell in love with growing all types of peppers, but quickly came to the realization that all the peppers we grew would go to waste (There’s only but so much spicy food we can eat in one night!).
We had one genius idea:


We got to work and evolved this idea into what it is now.
We are currently working on adding more sauces to our portfolio so keep checking back for new sauces.

Our goal is to ignite your taste buds, not scorch them. Each bottle is made by us with fresh ingredients, no added sugars, no preservatives, and with so much love.

-Stay spicy, amigos. 


The Donis Hot Sauce was made possible by the talents of several individuals and we would not be able to provide this experience without their assistance and we are eternally grateful. 

Label Art Work by Manny Valerio - Owner/Artist at Sovereign Gallery and Tattoo Studio

Sovereign Gallery and Tattoo Studio

Label Design by Rebecca Lim - Graphic Designer

Rebecca Lim - Graphic Designer

Product Photos by Rachel Steiner - Photographer 


Story and Creature Lore by Conlon Ford

Rosa Amelia Donis - The Original Donis